Houston Texans

Howdy all!

How ya’ll doing today partners? (is this how Texans speak?) The Texans will be riding their stallions into Ralph Wilson Stadium (which lost power in the wind/snow storm yesterday!) this weekend. They are a tough up-and-coming-team who always put up a fight, but the Bills are a solid team at home, so look for a Buffalo victory!! The Bills are still VERY much in this playoff race!

The game starts at one and we will be at McFadden’s as always pounding Labatt Blue and eating wings. I tried the beef-on-weck last weekend and it needs a little work, which will hopefully be perfected by this weekend so try one and let me know what you think! You can order one from any waitress or bartender.

CBS Sports
Many of you emailed me and were asking if the special they filmed will be on this weekend. I called the producer and he said that it will 100% be on at Christmas time and Mac Bledsoe will call to give us a heads up. Yeah, I know, I’m excited too!

Buffalo Bills Documentary
Member Vito Rinaldo and his young son Gavin were nice enough to bring me that ESPN documentary on the Buffalo Bills. We will be showing it this weekend before the game. I believe its 30 minutes long so we will start it at 12:30. Be there if you want to see it.

Charlie the Butcher
I almost died laughing this morning. I looked in my bag that I bring to McFadden’s and remembered that Charlie the Butcher brought Matt and I t-shirts. The front has a red tie on it with a pocket that says “WHAT THE HECK IS WECK?” and on the back is a big picture of Charlie! Isn’t that a great shirt??? It is a living legend and one day when I’m 50, bald, and fat I’ll be wearing it and somebody will stop me and say, “Wow…that’s a GREAT shirt!”

Giants Game
OK….Giants tickets are VERY hard to get…but I will do my best to look around. Please email me if you are looking to buy tickets to the November 30th Bills/Giants game. For this one you may have to buy above face value. Of course, we’re all New Yorkers now, this isn’t news to us.

Anybody notice that the Sabres are looking pretty good this year??? If anybody is interested in going to a game here in NYC (Rangers), please shoot me an email.

For all of you Christmas/holiday lovers out there like me, you’ll be glad to know that I woke up to a random station this morning that is playing non-stop holiday music!! Tune to 102.7!! My day can only go down from here….


— Matt “talkin proud and ready to decorate for Christmas!” Kabel