Thank You

Hello 625 Bills Fans!

I want to thank everyone for the tremendous turnout on Sunday and the outstanding outpouring of support towards the raffle. The $1,015 we raised was mailed to the Bledsoe Foundation first thing on Monday morning.

Some of you asked about the Bledsoe Foundation. Here are links to their web sites:

Mac, Barbara, and Drew were on NBC’s Today Show earlier this week. One of Barbara and Mac’s former students, who was also one of Drew’s classmates, had tracked them down to thank them for positively influencing his life.

Our Segment
The CBS special that they filmed part of at McFadden’s on Sunday will air late December. Oh you know we’ll let everyone know exactly when as soon as we find out.

Who are we?
I put together a page so you’ll now know – if you didn’t already…

Yep, it’s a rough season so far. Like me, I’m sure everyone’s expectations were set high for this year’s team. Ah! We face the Texans this week. I GUARANTEE VICTORY!!! So come on out, drink some beer, eat some wings, and watch the Bills take some frustrations out on the Texans! The game is at 1pm. It’s been a while since we had a 1pm game.

See you Sunday!

— Matt “not trying to be like Kabel” Soreco