Indianapolis Colts

Hello all!

Well, I am not employed by our Buffalo Bills, so I’m going to speak my mind. This team is a disgrace to the City of Buffalo. The defense is one of the best in the league, yet the offense disgusts me. In my opinion, the coaches should be gone, if not now then at the end of the season. Upgrades will be needed on offense as Ralph Wilson said on record after the last game. Looks like we’ll have to bite down on something til the season is over, maybe Kevin Gilbride’s head!

I’m not saying its over, and those that have been on our email list since last year know I’ll go down fighting. The Bills take on the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday at 1pm. You gotta try a beef-on-weck too, I saw people eating them and they looked great!! I’m going to try one on Sunday!
One of our members, Steve Saslow, runs a great webpage with Bills news. I’d like to welcome Steve as he joins us this weekend for the game. Be sure to check out his

Bills Documentary
Yup, I dropped the ball for the team last weekend. I forgot to bring the tape of the ESPN Buffalo Bills documentary. I will do my best to remember it this weekend and show it before the Indy game!!!

Wow…a LOT of you want to do the Sabres/Rangers game! We only got 2-3 replies last year…this year I got almost 20! Looks like there is a game on Friday, January 30th. How does that sound?

Joe Mesi
Well, I’ve been playing phone tag with heavyweight boxer Joe Mesi’s people. They would love to have us at the December 6th fight at Madison Square Garden. As soon as I reach them, I’ll let you know! If you are interested in attending this fight (Tix as low as $30) let me know, I think I’ll be going.

NY Giants
Well, I am having almost no luck finding tickets to the Bills/Giants game as I expected. If I hear anything I will let you know.

Ahh….they are decorating the trees around here for the holidays. I will be decorating my office in less than a week! I bought a new smoker, (you fellow Buffalonian hics should know what that is!) so smoking turkeys and other food has been my relaxer after these debacle Bills games! Anybody have any good recipes out there? I’m smoking turkeys for my girlfriend’s family on Thanksgiving, what are the chances of me screwing this up? Imagine?

— Matt “talkin proud and want to strangle Gregg Williams and Kevin Gilbride” Kabel