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Hello 650 Bills Fans;

It’s quite nice to see the Bills put up back to back wins against New York errrr New Jersey area teams. We got back a little respect. Got a little redemption for the trouncing the Jets handed us in the Meadowlands. Most importantly, prevented any trash talking from co-workers.

There were quite a few Jets fans at McFadden’s on Sunday. Something I’m not proud of… Anyway sometime in the 4th quarter, I asked one Jets fan how it felt to be losing. How it felt to be watching the beating in OUR house on OUR TVs. He didn’t answer. But he asked ME how it felt to watch the Bills lose so bad against the Jets earlier in the season. Welp… I lowered my voice, lowered my head, and pretended for just a sec that he got me. Just as the jerk thought I was backing down, I popped back up and said “I REMEMBER EXACTLY HOW IT FELT!!! IT FELT A LOT LIKE HOW YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW!!!
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We want you!
We want to see all you there Sunday as the Bills take on the Titans at 1pm. And you know… The Bills are NOT out of it! I was not happy about the low turnout on Sunday. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There was some snow. And the game was televised… Unless you went to The Ralph, I don’t want to hear it!

Official Tailgate Spot
Before a lot of Bills home games, a lot of you ask Matt K. or me “who else is going up?” or “where’s the best spot to tailgate?” That’s why Matt and I decided to make Kenny’s “Red Pinto” tailgate the official NYCBBB tailgate location for all Bills home games! Kenny runs a well known tailgate and has even been filmed a few times by NFL Films. So anyone going up, make sure you stop by Kenny’s tailgate and be sure to tell him you represent the NYCBBB.

Ideas Suggestions
Continue to send us any ideas of suggestions. Anything at all…

— Matt “ain’t no one going to dig up my high school photo” Soreco