New York Jets

Hello all 650 Bills fans!

Repeat after me – THE BILLS ARE STILL IN THIS….THE BILLS….ARE STILL IN THIS. Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. We’ll be taking on the New Jersey Jets, and we owe them a little payback for the blowout most of us saw in person a few weeks ago. We also owe them for Chad Morton’s kickoff return that lost us the game last year. Ha, we only had 20 members in NYCBBB when that happened! The game starts at 4:15 and the special starts at 2 and ends after the game.

Everybody ready for a snow storm today?? I can’t wait for it to start snowing!!

Lazy Man’s Christmas
Coy Wire’s father, Rick, was at NYCBBB’s tailgate last weekend. Ends up that Coy is throwing a fundraiser in Buffalo that sounds like its going to be a blast! The event is called “Lazy Man’s Christmas” and will be held on Monday, December 22nd at Callahans in Hamburg. Ruben Brown is going to do his WGR55 show live from the bar and Coy, Jim Kelly, Rob Ray, the Buffalo Jills, and other sports celebrities will be there. The event will run from 6-9pm with an auction taking place. There will be a cover charge (around $10?) with a cash bar. Sounds like a blast and yours truly will probably make the attempt to be there. I’ll get more details for you soon.

Joe Mesi
Well, Joe Mesi will be boxing at MSG tomorrow. I have placed many calls to his people, but they have done a poor job at returning my calls and have made little effort to get us fans to the match. I hear $54 tix remain, but I’m not sure if I’ll be going or not. Feel free to post on our message board (which has been increasing in traffic!) if you want to meet up with other Buffalonians.

Bills Daily
I’d like to announce that is now the OFFICIAL Buffalo Bills news source of NYCBBB. Steve Saslow, who runs the site, is a member who lives in the area and runs a great Bills news site. Please check it out! We hope to work out a way to give you breaking Bills news in the off-season. Details to come.

Christmas music on the radio, decorations up in the city, people are happier…GOD I LOVE THIS TIME OF THE YEAR!!!


— Matt “talkin proud and…oh my god….IT JUST STARTED SNOWING!!!!!!!!!! WHAT GREAT TIMING!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!!” Kabel