Philadelphia Eagles Game

Hello 555 Bills fans!

Wow, that was a tough game last weekend, but that is the past and this weekend is the future! The Bills are on their home turf this weekend against the 0-2 Eagles. Donovan McNabb makes his return to “upstate New York” for the first time since his Syracuse University days! The game is on at 1:00, so I suggest being there before the doors open at noon if you want a seat.

Blackout Rule
With the new NFL Sunday Ticket blackout rules, games that are on the local Fox affiliate are not seen on the NFL Sunday Ticket. I believe this week’s Bills-Eagles game is on Fox 5. If the game goes past 4:15, they will automatically switch to the 4:15 game and the signal will have to be uploaded to satellite. While this occurs, we may experience a 5-minute blackout til the Sunday Ticket kicks in. Those of you that were at McFadden’s for the New England game know this well! There’s nothing we or any Sunday Ticket subscriber can do about it, so we’ll have to bite the bullet if it happens. Lets pray that we are blowing them out by that time and won’t miss anything!

Sahlen Hot Dogs
OK, I apologize AGAIN about the Sahlen hot dogs last week. They will be available this weekend for $2.50 each. This includes a choice of pickle, ketchup, Webers mustard, Texas Hot Dog Sauce, and relish. Just place an order with any of McFadden’s’ staff.

Jets/Giants Tickets
I have a list of people looking for tickets to the Bills/Jets and Bills/Giants games in New JERSEY. If you have tickets to sell, please contact me.

Tickets for ME?
I decided yesterday that I miss my hometown of Orchard Park, so I have planned two trips to the motherland. Of course those trips revolve around two Bills games! I am looking for 3-4 tix to the Redskins game (10/19) and the Dolphins game (12/21). Please let me know if you have tix you are looking to get rid of!

If anybody is still suffering a hangover from the loss in Miami, here’s something that will cheer you up!
1992 — Started out 4-0 and then got destroyed by Miami at home 37-10. Anyone remember the Wildcard game that year?
1993 — Started out 2-0. Again, got drilled by Miami 22-13. Bills won their next 5.
1995 — Bills were 5-2 and went to Miami and got smoked 23-6. Still made the playoffs.
1996 — Started 4-1. Miami beat us 21-7. Made the playoffs.

Feel better? GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!

— Matt Kabel