Sahlen’s, MY bad

Hello 537 Bills fans,

Ugh…awful loss last night…but sometimes a loss can help a team get back on track, which I hope the Bills can get their act together this week on offense.

Lets not forget that the Phins come to Buffalo in FRIGID December. Payback’s a bitch.

Sahlens – MY bad!
Yes the Sahlen hot dogs were there, in fact I had two myself and they were amazing! However, I was not expecting over 300 of you crazy fans to show up for a nationally televised night game, so I told McFadden’s that no additional staff would be needed. I was wrong as there was nobody to order the made-to-order dogs from. My fault, I apologize. Next week the Sahlens will be there waiting for you with a proper system worked out!

Jets Party Bus
Ok…some GOOD NEWS! The Jets are now 0-3, so considering that most Jets fans are bandwagon fans, there should be a ton of tix available out there! Please ask around. Also, if you are seriously looking to purchase tickets, email me and let me know how many and I will create a list.

Due to excessive interest, we will be planning on having a McFadden’s party bus with kegs of Labatt going to and from the tailgate at the Meadowlands. Details to come!

Don’t forget, the Bills lost to the Phins during their Super Bowl runs from time to time. Have a good week and I’ll talk to you on Thursday!

— Matt Kabel