One more reminder!

Hello all 615 of you,

Quick email. I actually enjoyed the opera…go figure? Wow, there really is good culture beyond beer, football, and wings!

Did anybody tape the ESPN special on Buffalo the other night? Yeah…I dropped the ball on that one. Let me know if anybody has it.

This weekend’s game against the Cowboys is NOT nationally televised, I just received the official list of NYC televised games from a buddy at the NFL. I had McFadden’s put on plenty of extra staff, so come on down and watch the game with hundreds of fellow Bills fans, drink some Labatt Blue, have a Sahlens hot dog, have a beef-on-weck, have some buffalo wings, buy a raffle ticket, say hello to Charlie the Butcher, and oh yeah…BE ON NATIONAL TV!!!

I’m enjoying reading emails from all of you that have never been to McFadden’s and are making yoru first trip this weekend. This should be one hell of a Buffalo Party!!!!

Go Bills!!!!

— Matt “talkin proud and rather enjoyed the Mikado” Kabel