Bledsoe Ball

Hello all 625 Bills fans!

Everybody have fun yesterday despite that awful offensive showing? Did everybody get a chance to be on the CBS Sports camera? An estimated 425 of you showed up and PACKED the bar from one end to the other!

Well, we raised $1,015 for the Drew Bledsoe Foundation! Thanks to all who bought raffle tickets. As most of you know, Doug Moore (a McFadden’s owner who is the one who got NYCBBB into McFadden’s and bought a TON of tickets), won the ball. Doug is donating the ball to NYCBBB and will have it displayed in the bar for us.

To clarify things, Doug won the ball but we wanted to have a Bills fan filmed receiving the ball on camera. I picked another ticket and called the person’s name. The guy who took the ball turned out to be a COWBOY fan and lied about who he was. I couldn’t see a thing with the camera lights shining in my eyes and couldn’t hear anything up there either. A few Bills fans told me this after the lights went off and I ran out the side door to look for him. Member Jay Newman grabbed me and showed me where he was and I saw him trying to sneak out the back door with the ball wrapped in his coat. Needless to say, I snatched the ball back from him and we selected yet ANOTHER ticket which turned out to be the Tenzer brothers (who INDEED are Bills fans) to represent us in receiving the ball. Bills fans raised over $1,000 for charity, a Cowboys fan tried to steal the ball. I knew a lot of the past Cowboys had no class, but didn’t know their fans were the same way!

Wasn’t that great when Charlie the Butcher showed up??? In uniform and everything! He is meeting with Bills staff this week and is going to tell them all about us! He was VERY excited to see what we had going here in NYC.

OK…off to do work and be depressed all week due to the Bills offensive debacle. Thanks again to all of you to donating money for this worthwhile cause!

For those of you who made their first trip to McFadden’s yesterday, tell me what you thought!

— Matt “Talkin proud and disgusted with the Bills offense” Kabel