Sherry Ross at it again

Hello all 650 of you Bills fans!

Everybody enjoy that win last week? I think there may have been more Bills fans than Giants fans at the game. Most Giants fans left with 10 minutes to play in the 3RD QUARTER! Never seen anything more pathetic (other than that TNT Bills movie “Second String” on DVD in Wal-Mart last weekend) The Bills are now 2-0 when my girlfriend is in attendance…looks like I found a keeper!

Also, please email me if you are looking for Bills/Jets tickets for this weekend’s game.

OK…onto serious stuff….

Sherry Ross
Well, member Mike Jason just emailed me and showed be Sherry Ross’ new column, where she AGAIN takes shots at Buffalo.

Now, NYCBBB member Burt Flickinger wrote a great post on our message board and discussed it further with me at the game. I will provide a link to it in this email, and I ask you all to read it. Burt feels we should stop attacking Sherry Ross, and go right to the top. Mort Zuckerman is Owner & Publisher of the NY Daily News. I guess Mr. Zuckerman takes the content of his paper very seriously, and if readers pressure him, he WILL take action, possibly removing Ms. Ross from the NYDN Staff.

I’d like to start a writing campaign to Mort Zuckerman starting right now. Letters should be addressed to:

Mr. Mort Zuckerman
Owner & Publisher
New York Daily News
450 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001

Sherry Ross has now gone out of her way to trash our city three times. She’s making these statements from our turf, so its up to us Native Buffalonian ‘New Yorkers’ to shut her up.

Any questions or comments, please email me.

— Matt “talkin proud and taking Sherry Ross down” Kabel