Squish the Fish (with Sahlen’s Hot Dogs!)

Hello all 537 NYC Bills fans! (and welcome to the 30 new members):

Well, we’re entering the 3rd week of the NFL season, and our Buffalo Bills our 2-0, #1 in the division, and ranked top 3 in the NFL in every national poll! This weekend, the Bills travel to Florida to take on their arch-rival, the Miami Dolphins. The game is Sunday night at 8:30pm.

Sahlens Hot Dogs and Specials!
10 packages of Sahlen Hot Dogs are being shipped to McFadden’s as I write this, along with Webers mustard! We’re going to start the usual all-you-can-drink/eat specials at 7pm sharp and also serve the hot dogs at that time. So basically, if you want hot dogs (and a seat) be there at 7! The specials will end at the conclusion of the game.

TKO Shots!
McFadden’s will be serving $2 “TKO” shots in honor of our new monster linebacker, Takeo Spikes, during the game on Sunday night!

Missing Bills Flag
I’m sure most of you noticed the new Bills decorations up this past weekend. When I was collecting them at the end of the night, the Bills flag that was on the window in the dining room was missing. If whoever took it is on this list, PLEASE return it. Hell, I’ll even buy you a beer to show I have no hard feelings!

Jets-Bills Tix
Many of you are starting to email me about Jets tix. Its time to start hitting up our NY friends that have season tickets due to the debacle Jets’ season this year. Please post on our message board any tix you may have and I assure you that you won’t have a problem selling them. Also, since its a 4:15 game, a member suggested that we should get a party bus from McFadden’s to the Meadowlands. Let me know if this interests you.

Hope everybody enjoys the hurricane tonight! Oh, and don’t forget to inform your bosses that you may be in a little late on Monday morning!


— Matt “talkin proud!” Kabel