Tennessee Titans

Hello all,

Well well well…the Bills are on a two game winning streak for the first time since the start of the season. 3 more wins and there is a chance we’ll see our boys in the post-season! The Bills head to Nashville this weekend to take on the Titans, Sunday at 1pm.

Now, as the other Matt said, turnout was very low last weekend, lower than last season’s finale against the Bengals. We’re Buffalonians, so snow is not an excuse. Also, there were several Jets fans in attendance for the game, who expressed interest in making McFadden’s a Jets bar because “we are on their turf.” I think you see where I am going with this. Don’t be fair-weathered fans (like Jets and Dolphin fans). This will also be my last weekend at McFadden’s for the regular season, I will be in WNY for the last two games, so swing by and say good-bye!

There is a good article on BillsDaily about the probability that Gregg Williams will be back next year.

So Matt Soreco enjoys sending my High School picture out to 650 people. All I can say is payback’s a bitch. You’re going down Soreco!

— Matt “talkin proud and hoping my fellow fans aren’t fair weathered!” Kabel