Tennessee Titans

Hello all,

Just another reminder, the Bills play the Titans in a must-win game on Sunday at 1pm and it is NOT on local television.

I am rather excited for this as some members of the Galvin family will be there. They are the family I grew up next to in Orchard Park, and are 100% responsible for making me a Bills fan as I used to watch every game at their house and tailgate with them. I must offer them this due praise as Sundays at McFadden’s is basically a model of their family room!

Vincent Gallo
Well, I’ve traded some emails with Vincent Gallo about his Page 6 comments in the NY Post (sorry!) yesterday. It seems the root of his anger is from Buffalo trashing his hit movie “Buffalo 66” and the unfair treatment his sister has received from the Buffalo Court system, among other things although he won’t admit it out-right. I hold no bad feelings for Mr. Gallo as he is from Buffalo, so he has every right to criticize it. He’s somebody who is bitter towards the city, but if turned around could have a great positive impact on Buffalo.

Well, today is the HSS Holiday Party! As always, I have brought in egg nog and brandy and will be distributing it to my fellow Christmas drunks around the hospital!

— Matt “talkin proud and going to chug egg nog and brandy” Kabel