Tennessee Titans game Televised!

Hello NYC Bills fans!

Okay, I was wrong, as MANY of you emailed me to tell me so! There is one Bills pre-season game that will be televised. The Bills-Tennessee game on August 16th at 8pm will be televised.

Here’s the deal: McFadden’s gets packed on Saturday nights, usually starting around 10pm. We could throw the game up on the big screen in the dining room area and offer a special of $25 for all the beer/wings from 7pm until the end of the game. We’d be able to have the sound on for most of the game, then McFadden’s will have to put music on for their night crowd. I’m all for doing this, so please email me if you’d be interested in watching the Bills in action at McFadden’s to get fired up for the season on Aug 16th!

Hope all is well..and please email me about the Tennessee game!!!

— Matt Kabel