You’re going to love this!

Hello NYC fans!

Quick email….but I’m sure you’ll be happy to read what it contains!

Here are the all NEW specials at McFadden’s. These will be from 12-6pm on 1:00 game days, and the times will be adjusted for the late-afternoon, night games.
$30 — all the wings you can eat and bottled domestic beer, Guinness and Harp draft, and bottom shelf liquor you can drink.
$25 — all the wings you can eat and the following draft beer you can drink (Labatt Blue, Fosters, Hard Cider, Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, and Sam Adams).
$15 — all the wings you can eat and soda you can drink.

Work in Progress
Sahlen Hot dog night, and Beef-on-Weck night. Need I sayeth more?

Have a great weekend!

— Matt Kabel