Vincent Gallo

Hello all,

Well, the Daily News is nothing but BAD news for us Buffalonians. Member Paplo deRosas just sent me this article in today’s Daily News about Vincent Gallo, our native director (Buffalo ’66), trashing Buffalo.

VINCENT Gallo has no kind words for his snow-swept hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. – which he immortalized in the 1998 movie “Buffalo 66.”

“It’s ridiculous, inbred, like ‘Deliverance’ with smokestacks,” said the indie icon. “I take a [bleep] on the city.” He has reason to be angry. Gallo’s sister Janine, a local convenience store owner, is serving six months in jail – merely for trying to help a minor who asked her for protection against an abusive father, she claims.

When the girl visited Janine at her store and complained of severe physical abuse, she found a sympathetic ear. Others in the neighborhood corroborated the allegations, claiming that the girl had been spotted numerous times barefoot and crying in Buffalo’s freezing weather.

Janine filed a report with social services – which backfired. The youth’s family took out a restraining order against Janine, barring her from talking to their daughter and launched a smear campaign insinuating she was interested sexually in the teen. The girl continued to phone Janine, who eventually took her calls, thus violating the restraining order. She was charged with contempt and with trespassing after she visited the girl’s high school on an unrelated errand. Janine pleaded guilty to three counts of misdemeanors and received the maximum jail sentence.

Said Vincent, “My sister is an incredibly likable and popular and generous person. What’s she supposed to do when the girl calls her hysterically crying?”

A group of locals picketed, vandalized and destroyed her store, while others in the community rallied around her in support. Though jail time is generally shortened for first-time nonviolent offenses, Judge Frank Caruso was not lenient with Janine; she remains behind bars.

Said her brother, who has done extensive volunteer work with prison inmates, “I’ve never heard anybody having this rough a time. They’re treating her especially badly because of these completely false allegations that she is a sexual predator. If you reach out to abused children in America, be careful.”

The embittered actor has hired a lawyer, but, “Nothing is reasonable in Buffalo. I’m used to doing business in New York and Los Angeles – it’s coming back to me why I put my thumb up on the Interstate when I was 15.”

— Matt “takin proud even if Vincent Gallo isn’t” Kabel