Williams gone!

Hello all!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! GREGG WILLIAMS HAS BEEN RELEASED AS HEAD COACH OF THE BUFFALO BILLS!!! It was announced yesterday in a press conference and Bills GM Tom Donahoe has said money is not an issue in hiring the best possible new head coach. We will keep you updated throughout the off-season. Please visit www.BillsDaily.com for complete coverage.

So I went to the Bills-Dolphins game last week which was ugly and I won’t talk about. However, the Bills invited me to attend the 2003 Bills Awards Ceremony the following day at the Sheraton Hotel. Players such as Travis Henry, Pat Williams, Coy Wire and Brian Moorman were in attendance, as well as Tom Donahoe and owner Ralph Wilson. At the start of the program they made me stand up and they talked about our club to the 2-300 people in attendance, which officially put us on the map with the organization and got a loud applause. I also got to meet Tom Donahoe and he congratulated us on starting such a great group here in NYC.

Afterwards, the Bills invited me back to the stadium (after I stopped by the new Duffs in Orchard Park and tried their wings which were really good!) and I got a tour of the facility, including the weight room, locker room, media room, and the practice facility. I even had them take a picture of me in front of Travis Henry and Willis McGahee’s lockers, which were ironically next to each other. It was funny walking around and seeing players walk by like it was a regular office. I never realized how big Drew Bledsoe is, he’s a monster!

Anyways, the Bills and I discussed building a better relationship between the team and our group, which is now the biggest in the world and still growing! One idea is organizing a trip for us to Buffalo and doing a weekend there, incuding a tour similar to what I got, which was really cool! We will keep you updated, and feel free to give us your suggestions.

Drew Bledsoe Special
Well, Matt Soreco said the Drew Bledsoe special aired on CBS, but didn’t include us. I’m speechless. What can I say?

Garbage Plate
My brother-in-law in Rochester took me out for my first garbage plate the other night. Those of you from Rochester should know exactly what this is. I can say that after several drinks, it tasted like heaven. How would you guys feel about having a garbage plate at McFadden’s?

OK….I am back in the office for 2 days then out again, so I am still in vacation mode with not much to do. Send me some emails…tell me about garbage plates, your Christmas experiences, how much you love McFadden’s on Sundays, what you’d like to see us do! ENTERTAIN ME!!!

— Matt “talkin proud and returned to NYC with plenty of Chivettas BBQ Marinade” Kabel