New Head Coach!

Hello NYC Bills fans!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season! Are you enjoying this cold burst of air? Looks like 6 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow! I HATE hearing these wimpy New Yorkers talk about the snow and cold like its Alaska!

New Head Coach
All broadcast reports say that the Bills will name Mike Mularkey (fun name huh?) the new head coach of the team. He had been the offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers and is considered one of the brighter offensive minds in the league. He was reportedly offered the job late last night after an all day interview in Detroit with Ralph Wilson. He won out over Charlie Weis and Dick Jauron as Tom Donahoe chose a familiar face after an exhaustive search. Mularkey got the job based on his offensive views. Not sure how I feel about this hire, we AGAIN have to go through the learning curve of a rookie coach, and the Steelers offense wasn’t too impressive this past year. Rumors say Mularkey will bring in Offensive Line coach Jim McNally, who is supposed to be the best in the league, and also a Buffalo native! Dick LeBeau is rumored to be named Defensive Coordinator, and Pitt QB coach Tom Clements to be named Offensive Coordinator. We’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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The NFL draft will occur on April 24th at Madison Square Garden. NYCBBB will hold its 3rd Annual Draft Party at McFadden’s, so please mark the date on your calendar!

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One of our members, Ryan Shepard, who lives in Rochester but will be moving here in July, has been selected as a finalist in Coca-Cola’s NFL Deputy Commissioner of NFL Tailgating.

How is everybody doing out there? I was upstate for New Years and went to a beer distributor. They actually had 6-pack bottles of Genny Light! It was great!

— Matt “talkin proud and think this new head coach may smell of mularkey!” Kabel