Albright Knox Art Museum

Hello Bills fans,

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 eight 9.

OK…simple and cheesy joke, but for anybody that was at the game, at McFadden’s (which I heard over 100 of you were!), or home watching the Bills lose to the NJ Jets in the last minute of the game, maybe a simple smile is all you need to get you through this day!

The 2004 NYCBBB Tailgate was a huge success, and I’ll bet everybody there had a blast. We drank all 4 kegs of Labatt Blue, ate 3 packs of Sahlens, and went through several bottles of cherry liquor from Kenny’s Bowling Ball shots.

I want to thank Kevin Smith for throwing one hell of a tailgate party for us, Mike Murphy (GM of McFadden’s) for doing a great job of putting everything together, and Daniel Minium for meeting us at McFadden’s at 9:30am to pick up everything. McFadden’s really stepped up and put things in place for us to have a great party. Please repay them by continuing to show up to McFadden’s for Bills games the rest of the season.

Albright Knox
The famous Albright Knox Art Museum in Buffalo will be holding an event here in Chelsea on October 30th. The event will be an art show promoting young artists from Buffalo who are living here in NYC along with some Buffalo foods being served. Space is limited, so please email me if you’d like to attend or want more information on this great Buffalo-related cultural event.

Canisius Alumni in Miami
There will be a series of events for Canisius Alumni who will be attending the Bills/Dolphins game in Miami. Please email Michael Davis at for details.

Matt Soreco
Poor Matt Soreco was stuck in conference out of town yesterday. But he will be back in force this Sunday at McFadden’s and will be leading the charge there since I will be at the game in Buffalo. If you have any questions about Sunday, please email him atsoreco at

We can beat Miami, we can beat a Baltimore team without Jamal Lewis. We’ll be 2-4 and from there, we can start to put some wins together and be .500 in no time! For the first time in 2 years, I had confidence in our offense after Mularkey screamed at them in the 3rd quarter. Lawyer Milloy will be back soon, as will Troy Vincent.


— Matt “talkin proud and ready to to see our first win on Sunday” Kabel