Detroit Lions Game and other stuff

Hello all 725 of you!

Man we’re not just a group of Bills fans anymore, we’re a small town!

Thanks for all the submissions for the food items. We have to go through them all. One unanimous one was variations of House Ballard Salad — after former mammoth lineman Howard Ballard. As one member put it “he’d be the last person to order a salad, but still…” Good stuff!

A reminder that we ARE getting together this Saturday at 11am to watch the Bills vs. Lions final preseason game — which was actually played last night.

Tragically Hip
Member John Majchrzak let us know about a cool show he thinks a lot of you would be interested in. The Canadian band from Ontario, The Tragically Hip, will be playing on September 22 in Webster Hall. Drop John an e-mail if you’re interested in getting together to see them.

The real season!
I know some of you are going up to the game, but the rest of you who aren’t, I want to see you in full force on the 12th!!!

Help pass the word around.
If you know any Bills fans, send them our link. If you see any Bills fans on the streets, tell them about us. I want our small town to become a NATION!

— Matt Soreco