Extra Bus for Tailgate!

Greetings all 802 Bills fans!

“Now pinch hitting for Matt Kabel, it’s Tailgating Director…..Kevin Smith.”

Hi everyone! A lot of you already recognize me as “that guy with the chicken wing hat” from the game last week. For those who don’t, allow myself to introduce…myself. I’m a huge Bills fan, originally from CT, who was offered the chance to help out the club at this years Jets tailgate. Obviously I was thrilled at this opportunity and can’t wait to have a blast before, during and after our big win this Sunday.

For more info on me, check out the staff page at:

Also my email address is kevin at nycbbb.com. Please email me with any questions you have about this Sunday by replying to this email. Now onto the details for the weekend:

For those of you who won’t be attending the game, McFadden’s will be running all the usual specials. The game starts at 4pm so the specials will start at 3pm and end when the game is over. As a special incentive to attend, our Staff Photographer Anna Bazzini will be there to document the game. We are also told that McFadden’s will have a bouncer present in case any unruly Jets fan show up and try to cause trouble.

The time has finally arrived for the NYCBBB Legendary 3rd Annual Tailgate Extravaganza! 4 kegs of blue, Sahlen’s hot dogs, Kenny “Pinto Ron”, and hundreds of your favorite fans take over Lot 16, Pole C. While there will be beer and hot dogs donated by McFadden’s, we recommend that if you want food, you should bring your own. There will be plenty of grill space available. Also, fellow member Michael Bly, after driving all night from Oktoberfest in Ellicottville, will be there with his guitar taking requests. The lots open at 9am, and I will arrive with the kegs by 11. If you want to park near us, we are strongly recommending you arrive by 11am, and I will personally fill the first cup for anyone that arrives before I do.

Here is an overhead map showing all the parking lots that should make it easier for you to find us:

Party Bus
For those of you that aren’t driving, why not hop on the Party Bus?!?! McFadden’s will once again be running a FREE round-trip party bus between the bar and the game. Already 45 people have signed up to go. In fact, we’ve now increased our capacity to be able to accommodate 60 people! So if you are still undecided, what are you waiting for? Email me by replying to this email to reserve seats. With your request please include your cell phone number so we can contact you should any problems arise. The bus details are as follows:

The bus will leave from McFadden’s at 11:30. I am asking everyone to arrive at 11:15 because as soon as everyone is there the bus can leave. If you are not there and we cannot contact you, we WILL leave without you. Ryan Thompson of Ryan’s Corner fame will be at McFadden’s to check everyone onto the bus, and to lead everyone from the bus parking lot to the tailgate.

The bus will leave Giants Stadium approximately 1 hour after the game finishes. After the game you may go immediately to the bus and wait there, or you can return to the tailgate. Fellow member Ron Rampino has agreed to lead everyone from the tailgate back to the bus area. Again, if you are not on the bus and we can’t reach you by cell phone we will have to leave without you.

That’s it. Sorry for the long email, especially on a Friday when I’m sure everyone is pretty drained. I look forward to meeting all the tailgaters on Sunday and to witnessing our first victory!!

— Kevin “Talkin’ proud and not going to steal Matt’s joke…oh wait” Smith