Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Hello Bills fans!

We’re going to win, I can feel it now! The Jets fans are already saying they’ll be undefeated when they play the Pats, cockiness will be their Achilles Heal! Plus, Matt Soreco will be away on business this Sunday, so maybe THAT will bring us some luck! Just kidding Matty! I don’t know about you guys…but I took Monday off!

Check it out…we are featured on BuffaloBills.com right now!

The Bills take on the New Jersey Jets this weekend at Industrial Swamplands…I mean the Meadowlands this Sunday. The game is at 4:00, and will be shown at McFadden’s with the usual specials.

For those of you going to the game, we were told by Giants Stadium that the parking lots will open at 9am. In fact, I just received this email from the Stadium as I was about to send this: “There are no set rules for opening the parking lots. The lot will open at 9:00am on Sunday even though the game is at 4:00pm.” To be safe, we think you should plan on being there around 11:00am.

The bus is almost full, so we WILL be running it to the game.

Our Tailgate Leader, Kevin Smith, will be arriving at the parking lot with 4 Kegs of Labatt Blue at around 11. We promise that they will be cold, and the beer will be a-flowin! We will also have some Sahlen Hot Dogs donated by McFadden’s for the grill.

Fan of The Week
We decided to honor a NYCBBB member who passed on a year ago last week. Stan, this one’s for you buddy:




— Matt “talking proud and took Monday off” Kabel