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Hold on…


Man, we were so close to turning things around coming off 2 big wins. And what do we do? Collapse on National TV! This was one of the hardest losses I have ever witnessed as a Bills fan, and that’s saying a lot! After the first quarter I sat in our booth and just stared at the TV in utter disgust. Drew Bledsoe made a joke to the media last week saying that he has thrown so many passes to Troy Brown that he had to remember that the wide receiver (sub-cornerback) is NOT his teammate anymore. And what does Drew do? Throw a ball RIGHT TO HIM FOR AN INTERCEPTION! DREW, YOU PLAY FOR THE BILLS NOW!

The media and message boards are calling for JP Losman to take over. At this point, I don’t think I can disagree. The rookie got his feet wet on Sunday night (which I called in my last email!) and didn’t look too impressive, but anything would be better than 8 for 19 with 3 interceptions. If you can believe it, JP’s passer rating of 16.7 was higher than Drew’s 14.3 on Sunday night!

No, we’re not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, and as the eternal optimist, I will not count us out. But even if this team was to win the rest of their games, what’s the point if the World Champs OWN our quarterback and head coach?

Rumors are now circulating that this team is being set up by Tom Donahoe to be sold, since there is no other excuse for the last four years of embarrassment. I don’t buy into that, but I think us fans deserve answers for the downfall of this team over the last four years!

Sorry to be a columnist (that’s Michelle’s job), but I had to vent! Breath Matt…breath…

Ralph Wilson
A movement has started to get Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson inducted into the Hall of Fame. The fact that he is not in there is simply a travesty. Mr. Wilson is the man who saved the AFL when it was in financial trouble, saving teams like the Bills, Chargers, and Patriots. He has kept the team in a small market like Buffalo, and is against teams moving between cities.

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— Matt “talking proud and disgusted with the team’s performance” Kabel