The Lake Effect

Hello all,

Busy week at work so this is short and sweet.

The Lake Effect
Whenever a Buffalo-related story hits the national media, I have several people email me the story. I enjoy how I am so up-to-date on Bills and Buffalo area news, simply because these stories hit my email minutes after being posted on the web! For instance, ESPN posted an article yesterday that ranked Buffalo as the 3rd Most Tortured American Sports City. The story was probably posted at 2:30, simply because member Beth Washburn emailed me at 2:39, and member Robert Weston at 2:42. I welcome these emails because as big a fan of the Bills and Western New York as I am, I don’t always have time to read The Buffalo News and So keep up the good work. By keeping us informed, Matt and I can keep all of YOU informed.

Gildon Visits
Free agent Jason Gildon from the Steelers visited Buffalo this week. He is one of the top pass-rushing linebackers in free agency this year. If he chooses Buffalo, he will see time in place of Jeff Posey or at defensive end. Check out for more details.

Matt Soreco
Matt Soreco was happily married on Saturday night. My name was spelled wrong on my seating card, but we are now even. I mis-spelled Matt’s email address in the last email asking members to wish him luck! If you emailed Matt, well, I’m sorry to tell you but he didn’t receive the message. My bad. Here is the CORRECT email, please send him your congrats:
soreco at

Is it Friday yet? I need a beer.

— Matt “talkin proud and workin on my resume” Kabel