Sirius Radio

Hello all,

Just a quick email. I received a call from McFadden’s today. They ordered 320 LBS of wings, and 20 KEGS of Labatt Blue. If we run out of either, well, I think we need serious help!

They also said that Sirius Satellite Radio is now up and running, and we will be listening to the John Murphy and Alex Van Pelt radio coverage from Orchard Park! This will only be available at McFadden’s while Calicos will have the regular TV sound on. Both bars will have the beer and wing specials, so depending on if you’d rather hear radio or TV coverage, you can now pick which bar to head to.

Wristbands can be purchased from any staff member at McFadden’s. Because we offer an all-you-can-eat/drink special, please remember to tip your waitress/bartender as they work their butts off in a crowded bar.

The Sunday manager of McFadden’s, Daniel Minium, will be coming around to introduce himself this Sunday. From now on, if you have any suggestions or complaints, you can address them directly to Daniel which makes much more sense and is faster than coming to Matt or I during the game.

And to my fellow gentleman, there will NOT be an attendant in the Men’s room.

Book Fodder: All the talk this week surrounding Sunday’s big rivalry match-up between the Bills and Patriots has been about a book. As we reported yesterday, a new book just released called Patriot Reign is a behind the scenes look at the Patriots. Author Michael Holley had unprecedented access in 2002 and part of 2003 to the inner workings of Bill Belichick and the team. In the book there are several mentions of the Bills especially Drew Bledsoe, Nate Clements, Lawyer Milloy and the offensive line. Belichick doesn’t think highly of the line and says Bledsoe can be beat by the cover 5. He says Clements could be beat deep and Milloy was a selfish player, not much of a leader. Mike Mularkey reportedly was reading quotes from the book Monday to the players effected making it bulletin board fodder. Takeo Spikes says if you need the book for motivation you aren’t any kind of player. Travis Henry says it is motivation for the whole team. We will find out on Sunday.

Man I’d give anything to destroy these guys!

LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Matt “talkin’ proud and I SPIT ON BELICHICK” Kabel