Hello all 670 Bills fans,

Alright, something has been bothering me. I know that this has happened to all of you at least once, if not 1,000 times. You mention that you’re from Buffalo to somebody, and they immediately give you a disgusted look and say, “ can you live there with all that snow?” or “Do you guys even have summers up there?” or some other un-creative version of this. I used to play in favor to it as I was just happy people knew something about Buffalo as I’m sure most people do by replying, “Hey, I loved it” or “Yeah, it was a pain!”

I’ve realized that over the 100 years of people like me making these replies, Buffalo really has gotten a bad reputation as being a snow-covered wasteland, and its our fault. We all know that this image of Buffalo’s weather is not true, and the winters really aren’t that bad as compared to other parts of the country, or even Syracuse. As somebody who wants to reverse the flow of people out of Buffalo, I’ve realized that we, the people from Western New York, are its best salespeople and need to improve the image of Buffalo.

Recently, I’ve found myself replying to those people, “Actually, the winters aren’t bad because the city is equipped to handle them, unlike here. The fall, spring, and summers are also much more comfortable than they are here. Plus the people are great, there’s a ton of history, and those who live there find it to be one of the best kept secret places to live in the country”

People are so taken back by this unexpected reply, that they start asking more questions about the area, and leave you with the opposite opinion of Buffalo than what they encountered you with. That’s step one in improving the City’s image, with many more to go. Go ahead, try it next time and you’ll see. Anyways…

Bills to sign Gildon
As predicted, the Buffalo Bills are finalizing a deal to sign Steelers-veteran Jason Gildon to a one year deal. Gildon will probably be used as a backup linebacker, and a DE on obvious passing plays to hopefully create a rush we have been missing for years.

Jets/Bills in Buffalo
The Bills/Jets game in Buffalo, which NYCBBB members will be making their annual pilgrimage to the holy land of Buffalo for, is almost sold out. If you have not gotten your tickets yet, please email me and we’ll see if we can get you in before it sells out.

— Matt ‘talkin proud and hoping the Sabres play next season’ Kabel