Sunday Reminder and Robin Bakay

Hello all 698 Bills fans!

Almost to 700!

I woke up early this morning and threw on the NFL Network. I was fired up to see a 60-second commercial promoting the Sunday match up between the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos! This match up is historic, as it will be the first game ever produced completely by the NFL Network, with their own camera crew, producers, and announcers! 75 of you have RSVP’d, and Matt and I look forward to seeing all of you! Its mine and my fiancé’s anniversary, so if I can make it, none of you have an excuse not to! Ha!

Sunday – 7pm – Broncos/Bills – McFadden’s
Again, the OPTIONAL specials will run from 5pm until the end of the game:

  • $30 – all the imported draft beer you can drink and wings you can eat
  • $25 – all the Labatt Blue and domestic draft beer you can drink and wings you can eat
  • $15 – all the pop/soda you can drink wings you can eat.

Also, McFadden’s’ full dinner menu will be available.

Robin Bakay
I try to skim through the Buffalo News every day, but I somehow missed this article which Sam Hoyt thankfully sent my way. Robin Bakay is often seen on ESPN with her husband, Nick Bakay, whom is from Buffalo and has an amazing resume of talents. Robin wrote an excellent and humorous piece in the Buffalo News which I know you will all love!

Michael Santa-Maria
As you know, we always try to promote our members and their cultural undertakings in NYC. One of our members, Michael Santa-Maria, has a band that performs at various clubs/bars around the city, and will be playing at our Bills/Jets tailgate in October. He will be performing tonight at the uptown Hogs-n-Heffers Saloon (95th St. & 1st Ave, Upper East Side) at 9pm. If you’re in the area…go check them out!

Bernie Tolbert
One of our members, Bernie Tolbert, is in charge of security for the Team USA Basketball team. They were in Turkey the other day and a building was bombed only miles from where the team was staying. The team still played that night and are on their way to Athens. Please keep Bernie in your prayers, as he has a few stressful few weeks ahead of him. Of course, he also requested that I email him Bills updates daily, as he feels lost without news of training camp overseas. You gotta love Bills fans!!!

McFadden’s has informed me that they have 5 KEGS of Labatt Blue ordered for this Sunday! C’mon Bills fans, take my lead and take Monday off and enjoy three of the greatest enjoyments this earth provides – beer, wings, and the Buffalo Bills!

For those of you who show up to McFadden’s this Sunday for the Broncos/Bills game and buy one of our specials, your name will be entered into a drawing for a set of tickets to an upcoming Yankees game! The drawing, sponsored by McFadden’s, will be held that night at halftime.

Its supposed to rain all weekend thanks to our friends Bonnie and Charley, but be clear by game time Sunday night.

— Matt “talkin proud and can’t wait to sleep in on Monday!” Kabel