Testing 123

Hello all,

Besides working with McFadden’s to improve our group this off-season, we’ve been working on other areas too. Most recently, our website. Some of the changes may be transparent, but we’ve worked hard to improve two key areas:

Not only is the main message board page integrated with the design of the rest of the site, each message also has some of the same design elements. If you remember what the messages looked like before, you’d agree that they now look much neater and they’re easier to read. NOW GO POST SOMETHING THERE!

Our e-mail delivery
Well I’m giving it the first official test drive right now!!! We’ve invested in a service that will handle the delivery and manage our mailing list. It performs a bunch of helpful behind the scenes tasks that make our job much easier. Without getting too much into details, it’s a million times better than the manual system we had been using.

That said, now’s a good time to ask for suggestions for the site. What would you like to see? What can be improved? Anything at all…

Just another reminder that our 3rd annual draft party will be this Saturday. The party starts at 12pm. We have a $30 all you can drink and wings special from 12-7. For details, go to:
https://www.nycbbb.com/emails/2004/041504.shtml .

So I’m crossing my fingers and about to fire this e-mail off. Lets see what happens…

— Matt Soreco