Hello 666 Bills fans, (I’m not kidding, that’s the number of members we have right now!)

This is the grueling part of the off-season when NOTHING football related is going on and the Bills are basically in ‘PR-mode’ trying to psyche up the fans for the season. I did, however, receive my season tickets on Friday and am all set for the season! This email is basically to update you on where we are with things as Matt Soreco and I are doing a lot of work behind the scenes.

Our great relationship with McFadden’s continues and we are working to improve the Bills experience there on game days. We are working on getting satellite radio feed so we can listen to John Murphy and Alex Van Pelt, which is a very complex setup. We are also working on building a food menu for game days that will have more of a gridiron feel, such as nachos, burgers, and all that other great fried food in addition to the traditional Buffalo meals (Sahlen’s, beef-on-weck) we provide! Our big conquest is getting a TRUE buffalo wing sauce. We are also in discussions of getting more seating in the restaurant, and overflow being comfortable next door at Calico Jacks.

Buffalo Music
We have been contacted by NYC-area Buffalonian musicians that would like to play for our backers. Plans are in the works to have them perform at McFadden’s during a game, and also at the Jets tailgate to add to the Buffalo experience we try to provide and help promote these Buffalo artists.

Bills/Jets in Buffalo
We are still working out details for the NYCBBB crusade to the holy land on the weekend of November 7th. A tour of Ralph Wilson Stadium will occur on that Saturday, and I have been in contact with the Bills Alumni Associate about having former players meet with us. We will also be tailgating with Kenny “Pinto Ron”, our official Buffalo tailgate party. Please contact me if you are interested.

Bills Jets in New Jersey
We will again be tailgating in lot 16-C. We have to see what rules the NFL implements for the 2004 season, but I believe we can start tailgating 4 hours before kickoff. Through hearing from various Bills fans around the country, our tailgates are reaching legendary status. We are expecting several hundred Bills fans this year for what is guaranteed to be one hell of a party!

Backers Presidents Unite
Matt and I have asked the Bills organization to find a convenient and safe way for Bills Backers Presidents to communicate with each other. They answered by creating a message board on their site where we can all communicate with each other. This way we can talk to Presidents around the country and learn where to acquire Bills tickets and tailgate with fellow fans in various cities, trade recipes and food info, and learn how to improve the experience for our members. This way, we have a contact in every major American football city.

Bills Daily
Please check out our official Bills news source, www.billsdaily.com, for up-to-date info on our favorite team!

Got any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email us!

— Matt “talkin proud and could go for a Labatt Blue right now” Kabel