Buffalo Bills In Danger of Leaving WNY?

Hello all!

Yes it’s been a long time. But don’t you worry, the NYCBBB staff has been working hard planning for next season! As we speak, some signed memorabilia is being framed to be permanently hung in Little Buffalo on 42nd Street and Second Avenue! We’ve got good news, and some potentially horrible news in regards to our team.

First off I want to congratulate my co-founder, Matt Soreco, on accepting a new job on Friday. No, Matt’s not going anywhere; he’ll still be working in midtown and hanging out in Little Buffalo on Sundays. For anybody that has Matt’s work email address, that will soon be gone so you should remove it from your address books.

There hasn’t been too much Bills news. JP Losman has reportedly been a machine watching tape and working out. It’s said he never leaves Sam Wyche’s side, which is great news. The Bills did sign former Browns QB Kelly Holcomb to a four year contract to backup JP. Holcomb is a very good QB, and could easily take over the starting role if need be. The Bills also signed Chicago o-lineman Mike Gandy, who provides great depth, and are hoping to sign former Colts Guard Rick DeMulling, who has protected Peyton Manning for the past few years. The Bills did say goodbye to starters Jonas Jennings and Pat Williams, who signed on with other teams.

Now, onto the potential bad news:
As I said in my last email Erie County (which is home of Ralph Wilson Stadium) is in the worst budget crisis in the county’s history. Hundreds of jobs have been lost. The problem is that over the last 50 years, the number of residents in Erie County has greatly decreased, but the number of government officials and Erie County workers has increased! Many of these workers are simply patronage jobs draining the economy, some as a result of kickbacks. The corruption in WNY politics has finally boiled over, and we’re about to pay for it. The good news is that I’ve been amazed speaking to people at home that both Democrat and Republican citizens agree that this is the best thing that could have happened, because they want the corrupt politicians to cut the fat (patronage jobs, kickbacks) out of the budget instead of raising taxes. Unfortunately the fat isn’t being cut, and instead school nurses and others are paying the price, as well as the Buffalo Bills.

Two county legislators have sent the Bills a letter asking them to allow the county to forego a $3.56 Million payment that is needed to maintain the county owned stadium. If the Bills agree to this they will be picking up the tab. If they don’t, and the county doesn’t pay it, they will be violating the terms of the lease giving the Bills a free out and a chance to move. As you can see, these two politicians (who are in the thick of the corruption) took it upon themselves to put the team’s future in Buffalo in jeopardy. I assure you that we’ll be following this closely, and will keep you updated.

Draft Party
April 23rd – we’ll let you know more details soon!

— Matt “talking proud and these corrupt politicians better not mess with OUR Bills!” Kabel