Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints, Fundraiser

Hello all 1,316 Bills fans,

Alright, I have to get the BS out of the way first and no, I’m not talking about the Bills/Falcons debacle. First, whoever vandalized the bathrooms in McFadden’s after the game last week, grow up. Anybody caught doing this again will be thrown out permanently and we’ll have a bathroom attendant placed in the bathroom from now on. Second, the tips for McFadden’s staff were horrible last weekend, including two tables that didn’t even leave a tip. That is inexcusable; if it’s because of poor service, notify a NYCBBB staff member located at booth by the bathrooms. And third, members who have purchased the special have been caught giving beers to those who haven’t purchased one. From now on, McFadden’s staff will only serve one beer per bracelet. Also the wings at the bar are for those who purchased the special ONLY. Anybody caught violating either of these rules will be thrown out.

I know 95% of you out there are responsible adults that the above paragraph doesn’t even apply to, and I’m embarrassed that we even have to address this. However, the stupid actions of the minority out there could potentially ruin NYCBBB’s experience at McFadden’s. If you see anybody violating these rules, please report it to a McFadden’s staff member.

OK…onto the good stuff! The Saints host the Bills in San Antonio at 1pm Sunday afternoon and JP said he’s going to come out firing! As Matt Soreco said last week, Bills Backers across America (including us!) are using this game as a fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We‘ll be raffling off an autographed London Fletcher jersey (with a certificate of authenticity) at the end of the 3rd Quarter in Calico Jacks. Tickets can be purchased from any NYCBBB staff member for $1 each throughout the game in both bars. All proceeds will be pooled together with money raised from Backers all over the country and sent to the Red Cross. Since we’re the biggest group in the country, I expect us to raise over $1,000. Other groups are asking for a $5 minimum, so we’d be happy if you’d each buy at least $5 worth of tickets. C’mon folks, please open your wallets and help out our fellow Americans!

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Jets at Bills
Turns out there isn’t enough interest to pay for a tour of Ralph Wilson Stadium on October 15th. Hopefully we can make it happen next year. However, we ARE planning one HELL of a tailgate for before the game for those of you going out there for it! More details to come!

— Matt “talkin’ proud and have confidence in our team!” Kabel