Buffalo Bills vs. San Diego Chargers, JP!

Hello all 1,412 NYC Bills fans!

“It was nice to have JP back. He had the eye of the tiger in the huddle. He was ready to rock. He’s going to be a good one. Now it’s just a matter of getting him there and getting him on a roll.”
— Bills guard Chris Villarrial

I wish you all could have been with me at the game last week. When JP Losman came in, the crowd went NUTS. When he threw the two touchdown passes to Lee Evans, it was absolute FANDEMONIUM, like the days of Jim Kelly connecting with Andre Reed. I’m talking jumping up and down, bear hugs, high fives that probably left marks, “HOLY SH~T!” chants, and tears of joy (ok, maybe no tears but you get the point!) It was absolutely exciting to watch the Bills play again, and you could sense that the team was as fired up as the crowd was. The Bills still haven’t named him the starter for this week, but they will, and it’s going to be one hell of an exciting game!

1) LT versus Willis.
2) Former Bills coach Wade Phillips versus Jerry Gray.

With us being only one game behind a VERY injured Pats team and a reported 10,000 Bills fans attending the game in San Diego, this is going to be awesome!

The Bills take on the Chargers this Sunday at 4:15pm. The specials will run from 3:15-8:15pm, and since its supper time feel free to order Sahlen hot dogs or beef on weck. There may be some seats left at Calico Jacks, I hear there were some issues there last week but I assure you they were ironed out and Matt and I will be on hand to see that it’s awesome as always, so give them a call (212.557.4300) and join us for this exciting match up! Where else would you rather be???

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Anybody else as fired up as I am???



— Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up to see the future back in there!” Kabel