Consumed by the Black Hole, AGAIN!

Hello all 1,382 Bills fans,

Wow, we got embarrassed by a 1-4 team with a home crowd of only 42,000 fans in a city we haven’t been able to win in since 1966! Coaching sucked, the offense sucked, the defense REALLY sucked (is it just me or is there a trend here?) McGahee, if you’re the best running back in the league like you say, why did you get shut down by a mediocre defense? Clements, if you’re the best cornerback, why did you get burned on numerous plays including a touchdown pass caught by a badly injured Randy Moss? Both these guys, and the entire team for that matter, should just shut up and play.

This team better get its act together before heading to New England next Sunday night where they take on the Patriots in a nationally televised night game. I don’t think I have to remind anybody how Buffalo has played in nationally televised games recently, especially against the Pats.

Is the season over? Not at all, but if the Bills want to make the playoffs they better get their heads out of their you-know-what’s, keep their mouths shut, and start playing some serious football.

If there’s any bright spot in Buffalo sports right now, it’s the Buffalo Sabres, who are 6-2 and are one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NHL! Luckily, they take on the Devils (Friday) and Islanders (Saturday) this weekend, so be sure to catch them on TV!

How was it watching the game (other than the outcome) with NYCBBB at McFadden’s and Calico’s? PLEASE let us know, we need to hear both the good stuff and any bad stuff so that we can make it the best possible experience for everybody in the future! Or, do you have anything you want to get off your chest about the game? Please opine on our message board (no bloviating!).

Next weekend’s night game will be NYCBBB’s annual Halloween game! We had some interesting costumes last year (who could forget Marylyn Monroe and Little Bo Peep hanging out with the real Tim Russert, who made an appearance at NYCBBB???) so we hope you can top those! If you don’t wear a costume, we ask that you wear a retro jersey. I know I’ll be breaking out my Sam Gash #33! I want to see the Shane Conlan’s, Darryl Talley’s, ‘House’ Ballard’s….and even an OJ in there somewhere. Let’s make it a fun night!

I almost forgot how awful Mondays are after a loss…

— Matt “talkin’ proud and hope the Bills can get it together” Kabel