Draft Party and Jim Kelly

Hello all you hundreds of Bills fans!

What a nice day out, can’t wait to have lunch outside for the first time in months! We’ve go some info for ya on potentially having Jim Kelly at McFadden’s, and more details on the draft party!

Hunter’s Hope
Jacque Waggoner, who is Jim Kelly’s Mother in Law and Hunter’s grandmother, contacted me this week about the Chevy SSR raffle. She said whichever team captain sells the most raffle tickets will get a visit from Jim Kelly himself. Since I’m the team captain of NYCBBB, that visit would be with us at McFadden’s should we buy the most.

NYCBBB Draft and 4th Birthday Party!
On Saturday, April 23rd, NYCBBB will be holding its 4th Annual NFL Draft and Birthday Party! I still remember Matt Soreco and I standing around a TV with twenty other Bills fans and watching the Bills select Mike Williams out of Texas, thinking how cool it would be to watch actual games with this many fans! 900 Bills fans later…

Even though the Bills don’t hold a first round draft choice (yet?,) we’re working to make this year’s party a blast! We’ll have an all-you-can-drink beer special from 12-7pm during ESPN’s coverage of the draft. We’ve got the Rangers playing the Yankees and the Nationals playing the Mets, both of which will be on TV’s at McFadden’s. We have NYCBBB member Michael Bly, a lawyer-turned-musician, performing late in the afternoon. Also Doug Moore, one of the owners of McFadden’s/Calico’s, has donated 2 Yankee tickets that will be raffled off to those who purchase the beer special. We will also be unveiling some permanent NYCBBB fixtures on the walls of McFadden’s, making it the true home for Bills fans along with Calico Jacks!

Since this is an overall sporting afternoon, we encourage you to bring your non-Bills fan friends for an afternoon of sports watching at McFadden’s. Show them where you spend your Sundays during the fall, and share with them the outrageous happenings of NYCBBB! You never know, you may be able to convert some of them!

I’d love to hear any suggestions or comments on the Draft/B-day party. Also, let me know if you think you’ll be attending!

— Matt ‘talkin proud and fired up to be less than a month away from the draft” Kabel