Hunter’s Hope and Bledsoe Gone?

Hello Bills fans!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I also want to send a happy birthday to Jim and Hunter Kelly (I guess I have to wish one to Drew Bledsoe too don’t I?) and use this day to announce the teaming up of NYCBBB and Hunter’s Hope. More on that below, but I first want to update you all on our Bills and some major trouble brewing in the city of Buffalo.

Eric Moulds re-structured and extended his contract last week, which means we have him for 3 more years with extra cap space. Even more cap space may be on the way, as MANY reports from reliable sources say that JP Losman will be the starting quarterback for the Bills next season. These same sources say that Drew Bledsoe has turned down the option of serving as Losman’s backup, and has asked to be released. We will find out the validity of this before March 2, which is when Free Agency begins. All signs point toward the beginning of the Losman era in Buffalo! Check for the latest news.

Anybody that has been following the news in Buffalo over the last week is aware that the city is in a MAJOR financial crisis. I know many of you are out there saying, “C’mon Matt, Buffalo has been in a crisis for 30 years” but this is very serious, and may be the final nail in the coffin for the city that hosts our beloved Bills. Due to politicians looking out for their own interests, they have driven the city into the ground. It culminated last week when a penny tax increase was defeated, which has resulted in worst-case MAJOR cutbacks in Erie County. Hundreds of jobs are about to be lost (including school nurses,) parks such as Chestnut Ridge are closed, roads will not be plowed.

As you can see, this spells disaster for the city. You may ask what this has to do with being a Bills fan. Well, if this isn’t taken care of asap, it’s very likely the Bills will leave Buffalo in the near future since there will simply be no money to operate them. Bass Pro may even be backing out on their intended new store in the Aud. It amazes me how a few selfish politicians have destroyed the city we love. I’m thinking of ways NYCBBB members can not only voice their anger about this, but make sure its heard loud and clear. Email me if you have any suggestions.

Hunter’s Hope
NYCBBB has decided to team up with Hunter’s Hope, Jim Kelly’s foundation in Buffalo, and make them our official charity. We’re going to work with them not only to raise money, but to spread awareness about increasing newborn screening. There are over 60 diseases that a newborn can be diagnosed with, many of which can be treated if caught at this early stage. The problem is that most states are only required to test for less than 20! That means over 40 diseases aren’t being diagnosed! One of those that was not diagnosed in time was Krabbe Disease in Hunter Kelly.

Throughout the season, we’ll be holding fundraisers for Hunter’s Hope, and spreading awareness about Newborn Screening. Also, Hunter’s Hope is building a research center at University of Buffalo, which means the foundation will remain in Western New York! Please check out for more information on the foundation.

— Matt ‘talkin proud, fired up for the Losman era, and ready to kick some political butt!’ Kabel