Marv Levy Thank You!

Hello all 897 Bills fans!

Last night’s book signing was a HUGE success! Marv and Fran expressed how honored and excited they felt with so many wonderful Bills fans waiting in line to meet him. They even stayed for an extra 45 minutes to make sure everybody got a signature.

Upon arriving, Marv gave a fantastic speech to the awaiting crowd, which I apologize to the fans in the lounge who couldn’t hear it. Being the Harvard alum, he quoted Winston Churchill a number of times and by my count, included 5 big words I’d never heard before! He assured us that the current Bills team is on the verge of greatness, and told us not to worry about them.

After signing over 300 books, the highlight of the night occurred. We decided to show the Houston Comeback game on all of the TV’s, and fans were actually cheering (booing when OJ Simpson gave on the field updates) as the Bills fought their way back into the game like it was happening live! After Marv signed the last person in line’s book, I asked him if he would mind signing the NYCBBB staff’s books. He stood and looked up at the TV across from him and said, “Hold on Matt, I want to see us make this kick. I want to see us win this game.”

I look up at the TV and see Steve Christie lining up for the game winning kick which completed the greatest comeback in NFL history, orchestrated by the man standing right in front of me. The entire NYCBBB staff and Marv Levy stood in front of the TV and watched Christie nail the kick, which brought on a huge amount of cheers and applauds directed at Marv from all of the remaining fans at McFadden’s. Marv smiled and looked at us and simply said, “We won” and continued to watch the TV with a huge grin on his face, nodding at the TV as he came on the screen being hugged by all of the players.

Thanks to all of you that showed up, especially those of you that arrived as early as 2:00. I assure you that Marv and Fran had a wonderful time, and told us to thank you for all of the kind words and memories you shared with them throughout the night. Fran left us by saying, “I get back to NYC twice a year and I can’t wait to hang out with you guys at McFadden’s again!”

Missing Flag
To our disbelief at the end of the night, the NYCBBB staff witnessed a drunk couple (non Bills fans) rip down the Bills flag in the dining room to try and steal it right in front of us. I promptly grabbed it out of their hands. Unfortunately, the flag in the bar was not so lucky and is MIA. Please email me if you have any info about it.

On behalf of NYCBBB, I want to offer my congratulations to staff member Ryan Thompson, who was sworn in as a New York lawyer this morning. Ryan signed all of his official documents with the same pen Marv Levy used to sign books last night! Congratulations Ryan Thompson, Esq.!

Levy Pictures
NYCBBB’s photographer, Anna Bazzini, snapped a TON of pictures last night. We’ll email you when we have them up on the site.

Was last night awesome or what???

— Matt “talkin proud and still fired up about hanging out with Marv Levy last night” Kabel