Reservations at Calico Jack’s

Hello all 1,202 NYC Buffalo Bills fans!

As of today at noon, reservations can be made for seats at Calico Jack’s for Sunday’s Buffalo Bills season opener against the Houston Texans. Many seats were reserved at the opening gun, and some still remain. If you want to reserve a seat/table, I suggest you call Calico’s ASAP for one of the remaining spots: 212-557-4300

Trust me, it’s a heck of a lot more fun & comfortable watching the game sitting at a table as opposed to standing in the crowded section of the bar, and you’ll get served faster too! Again, Calico’s will have the same selection of beers, wings, beef on weck, and Sahlen hot dogs that McFadden’s has, and we’ll have the shout song after touchdowns! Matt Soreco and I will be watching the games in Calico Jack’s as well.

So hurry up and reserve the final spots, first come first serve! 212-557-4300

We’ll have more info on Opening Weekend at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s in our Thursday email.

— Matt ‘talkin proud and ready for some football!’ Kabel