Survey for Calico Jack’s

Hello 941 NYC Buffalo Bills fans!

If I can briefly interrupt your off-season, my fellow NYCBBB colleagues and I are hoping a select group of you will participate in a brief survey.

Specifically, we’re talking to anyone out there – especially parents and laid-back types – who would be interested in a mellower alternative to McFadden’s for watching the game. The rest of you can go back to your favorite pastime of wondering whether or not Travis Henry will retire as a Bill.

We are aiming to enhance the game-watching experience at Calico Jack’s next year, and to give the place its own NYCBBB identity (for those of you who either never noticed or forgot, Calico Jack’s is the restaurant next door to McFadden’s.)

The idea is that Calico Jack’s would become the slightly calmer outpost for NYCBBB – a place where those of us who have kids (as I do), or who simply want a mellower environment, would be comfortable. The idea isn’t to make watching the Bills like going to the library or daycare – we’d play Shout! when the Bills see it fit to score, have food and drink specials, and no doubt scream our heads off. It’d still be a place for adults. Picture something mellower than Animal House, but probably less mellow than Cheers.

To increase our chances of making that happen…if you’d in fact be interested in a mellower game-watching experience, would you take a minute or two and respond to the following survey? To help ensure that Calico Jack’s is open and a great place to be every week next season, your input is critical. Thanks!

Questions 1-3 are for parents only; everyone else can start at question 4:

1) How many children would you consider bringing to Calico Jack’s next year?

2) What are their ages?

3) What factors would significantly influence your decision to bring them?
a. Kid-friendly menu selection/specials
b. Non-game diversions (puzzles, games, etc.)
c. Noise level of the restaurant
d. Other factors (PLEASE SPECIFY)

4) What elements of McFadden’s – if any – would you most want to make sure we retained?

5) What elements of McFadden’s – if any – would you most want us to avoid?

6) How many games would you envision attending?
a. 1-4 _____
b. 5-8 _____
c. 9-12_____
d. 13-16____

7) How much would the answer to question 6 be impacted by how well/poorly the Bills are playing?
A lot____ A little____ Not at all____ Don’t know_____

8) Anything else we should know, or consider?

Thanks and GO BILLS!!!

— Phil Mann, NYCBBB Advisor