Member Visits with Coach Mularkey

Hello all 944 NYC Bills fans!

Just a brief email on this stifling hot day! Turns out that one of our die-hard members, Dan Malin, was featured on last week.

Town Crier
One of our newest members, Tim Leary from South Buffalo, owns The Town Crier on 53rd between First and Second Avenues. Every Tuesday night is dedicated to his fellow Buffalonians with 1/2 price wings, fingers, chicken finger subs, etc. Any food with “Buffalo” in front of it, is 1/2 off all night. If you’re in the area, swing on by!

Philly Bills Backers
Our own Michelle Girardi is off to Philadelphia this week to start her new job at NFL Films. It just so happens that the McFadden’s in Philly doesn’t have a football crowd on Sundays, so we’re going to help Michelle start a Bills Backers there! If you have any friends/family in or near Philly who are Bills fans, let us know!

Was jogging yesterday morning in Brooklyn wearing a Canisius t-shirt that was recently given to me. All of a sudden a guy biking past me yells that he went to Buffalo State and is a huge Bills fan. I yelled back to him about McFadden’s and he said, “900 fans in NYC? It’s going to be a hell of a year, see ya there!” and sped away.

Gotta love Bills fans!

— Matt Kabel