New Year’s Eve

Hello 1,383 Bills fans!

Well, I think most of us went into last night’s game thinking we’d get crushed, so we were emotionally prepared for the nail biting 21-16 loss. I laid out five goals the Bills had to accomplish in order to win in Thursday’s email. They amazingly achieved four of them, yet the fifth they didn’t, which was score 20 points before the Pats could. If one of those field goals would have been a touchdown, we would have won that game. So now what? The Bills have two weeks to make some huge decisions. Should they put JP Losman in? Was Sam Adams benched for good? Can the Bills go on a run and win six of their remaining eight games?

Oh…and I gotta address this. I’m a huge fan of how Teddy Bruschi was able to come back from a stroke, I really am. But was the ESPN coverage of it during the ENTIRE GAME not the most obnoxious overkill for ratings you’ve ever seen? I can remember two huge plays in the game where somebody was talking about him and they didn’t even stop to acknowledge the game changing situations! One of them was when Aaron Schobel stripped the ball out of Tom Brady’s hand resulting in a huge turnover, and they continued to talk about Bruschi until the Bills snapped the ball 40 seconds later! It was a total Bruschi love-fest, and took away from the amazing game being played. I’m so happy we rarely play night games anymore, WAY too much drama involved.

So I hope everybody has a great two weeks. We have a Buffalo Bills golf bag we’re looking to raffle off, most likely to raise funds for Hunter’s Hope. We’ll have more details for you in the next email.

New Year’s Eve
On Saturday I spoke with fellow Bills fan Bruce Caufield, owner of Tracks Bar and Grill in Penn Station. He’s offered to throw a New Year’s Eve Party at his bar for us, which will be part of a Bills/Jets New Year’s game weekend! There will be an open bar from 9pm-1am which includes whatever you can drink in the place and all the beef-on-weck and wings you can eat, all for only $50!!! Anybody that’s been out in Manhattan for New Year’s knows what an amazing deal that is! Tailgate Chief Kevin Smith is perfecting recipes for bulk quantities of mimosas and bloody mary’s for the next morning in Lot 16C as well. If you have anybody coming into town for the game, it’ll be a great party to bring them to! Let me know if you think you’ll be attending.

Hope everybody enjoys their bye week!

— Matt “talkin’ proud and hate going two weeks without the Bills” Kabel