2006 Season and Newest Buffalo Bills Fan

Hello 1,513 Bills fans,

First lets all welcome our newest Bills fan and NYCBBB staff member Thomas Kabel, who was born over the weekend to proud new parents Nicole and Matt Kabel. Congrats Nicole and Matt! How long before he sings the shout song?

Are you ready for the 2006 season!? We are. So we wanted to send out a few notes.

As you know, we occupy two bars on 42nd and 2nd Avenue, which is also commonly referred to as “Little Buffalo.” McFadden’s is usually the more crowded of the two bars. Calico Jacks is less crowded and offers more seating and elbow room.

McFadden’s will be 21 and over only. If you have young ones with you, or if you’re under 21, you’re more than welcome to watch the game in Calico Jacks.

Calico Jacks will take reservations starting on noon on Tuesdays (starting today!!!). You can reserve up to 8 seats by calling 212-557-4300. Otherwise, it’s first come first serve for both bars. If you reserve seats at Calico Jacks, you MUST be there by 12:40 or you’ll lose your seats. No exceptions. There will be others swarming around like vultures, so get there on time.

Every game is at 1pm this year! That makes it easy to remember…Doors at both locations will open at 11am. Drink specials run from 12-5. One of the pre-game shows will be on until the Bills coverage is picked up.

The drink/wing specials are:
$30: All the draft beer (including Labatt Blue/Molson Canadian) you can drink and wings you can eat.
$20: All the Bud/Bud Lite draft you can drink and wings you can eat.
$15: All the POP you can drink and wings you can eat.

The new Levy/Jauron/Losman regime will be put to the test right away this Sunday against the Patriots at New England. The Bills are 9 point underdogs. That has to make Takeo angry!!!

I hope to see you all on Sunday.

— Matt “waiting for the day all 1,500+ of you show up” Soreco