Let’s Go Buff-a-lo!

Hey Everyone,

Remember the end of the ’04 Bills season? Here’s a quote from our 12/14/04 email: “After holding the Browns to 17 total yards, the Bills have fought back from an 0-4 start to go 7-6 and above .500 in December for the first time in 5 years! Sitting there in the SNOW this Sunday watching our dominating defense de-humanize the Browns, I felt an electricity in Ralph Wilson Stadium that I haven’t felt in years. Western New York is fired up, and we should be too!”

The atmosphere at the Blue Moon on during the game on Monday night was exactly like it was when we were all watching those games back in ’04. There were between 75-100 fans there, and in between polishing off EIGHT cases of Blue (15 CASES ORDERED FOR TONIGHT) the bar was rocking and the red light (yes, they have a red light for when the Sabres score) was blazing. The Sabres stole Game 2 with a 2-1 win and now lead the series 2-0 with the next two games on back to back nights in Buffalo. If that doesn’t fire you up, try this quote: “This game is going to be crucial for us,” Sabres winger Ales Kotalik said. “It’s the most important of the series for us because if we end up winning this game it’s pretty tough, and I don’t think Ottawa is good enough to come back from a 3-0 deficit.

“We have a helluva chance to go past them. . . . When you’re playing the third game at home you’re going to be fired up. We’re going to win this game.”

Game 2 is TONIGHT at 7pm. The game is NOT being shown on OLN so the only place you can see it is at the Blue Moon at 7pm (75th and 1st). They’ve even included some new specials: Blue bottles are now only $3.50 at the bar and the early bird special (a draft beer, nachos and a dinner entrée for $10) will be offered all night for Sabres fans. Get there early (6:30) for a seat at the bar!

Once again, since the game is not on OLN, McFadden’s will NOT be showing it. There was confusion about this on Monday, as McFadden’s was telling people on the phone they will show the game. They will have the game on Thursday. For those fans that can’t make it out tonight, the game will be shown on the internet athttp://www.comcast.net/sports/nhl/hockeylive/. I have yet to check this out but a number of members have said they’ve watched the games and the quality is pretty good.

I fully expect everyone that was there Monday to be there tonight. We need to keep the Karma Train rolling so we can finish this series out at home and get some rest for our injured players. Go Sabres!!