Sabres Could Sweep!

Hey Everyone,

“One Shot, One Hero”

That was the cry in the Buffalo dressing room during the intermission before the first OT. 5 minutes into OT, on the first shot of OT, we had our answer. J.P. Dumont grabbed a deflected puck out of mid air, dropped it at his feet and fired home the game winner. I’m not sure what happened after that because I was yelling, jumping, screaming, hugging and high fiving everyone in sight at the Blue Moon. Buffalo is now up 3-0 with the chance to close out the Sens TONIGHT!

One of our members emailed me this morning, “I love football, but playoff hockey is the most exciting sport on earth.” Couldn’t have said it better. Once again the Sabres scored first, and if it wasn’t for hitting 3 posts in the first peroid the game would have been a blow out. They’re already partying in downtown Buffalo, and I know the players want win it for the best fans in the world. Who will be the hero tonight?

Game time is at 7pm, and the game is on OLN. The Sabres could sweep the Senators, the favorites to win the Stanley Cup! We had a near capacity crowd last night, and we polished off 14 cases of Blue. I expect more of the same tonight (with MORE Blue in tow) so arrive early. It’s at 75th and 1st. If you are watching listen closely to James Patrick’s commentary during the intermissions. The owner of the Blue Moon talked to him this morning, and he is going to try to work in a shout out to our group! Also, the owner talked to the Sabres PR group, and they are going to send us a package (hopefully for the next round – knock on wood!!)

Finally, one of our members (the guy who introduced us to the Blue Moon) brought his good luck charm to the game last night. It was a Gilbert Perreault rookie card given to him by his neighbor – Gilbert Perreault! Unfortunately during all the hoopla surrounding the overtime win, it went missing. If you happened to have found it in the bar or on the street, PLEASE let me know.

We need to find Gil!!!