Finally! Success at the Swamp

Hi Everyone,

I guess the fifth time’s a charm! The Bills finally won a game at the Meadowlands and broke the curse of the NYCBBB tailgate. Hopefully you’ve seen the highlights and gloated to every Jets fan you know because it was an absolutely dominate performance by the Bills on the road against a playoff contender/pretender. The blueprint for this team’s success has been established: solid special teams, effective offense lead by the running game and mistake free play from JP and a defense that takes away the ball. The Bills are now 4-2 since the bye week (with the two loses coming on the road to Indy (losing by 1 point) and at home against San Diego (losing by 3) and are building serious moment toward a mathematically still alive Playoff berth and a very exciting 2007 season. Dick Jauron and JP have made a believer out of me! Their next task is at home against the equally resurgent Dolfelons at 1pm on Sunday (the game was changed back to 1pm right after our email last week). Despite the huge crowd at the tailgate Little Buffalo was hopping this week and is sure to be packed next weekend!

Tailgate Wrapup
Once again our tailgate exceeded all expectations. Lot 16C was rocking with at least 200+ Bills fans enjoying the beautiful weather and gameday atmosphere. Word has clearly spread about the tailgate since not only a ton of new NYCBBBers showed up but lots of Jets fans tried to get there early and take up all the good spaces! It was great to meet all of you and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Also, thanks to everyone that chipped in for the $5 Beer and Booze special. These tailgates are were our only fundraisers this year and we managed to collect enough money to cover our expenses (website, email list, business cards, etc) for the entire year! THANK YOU!

NFL Films Special
For some reason ESPN decided to change the time for the special last night and most of us that set our DVRs missed it. It will be shown against at 1:30pm on Tuesday. Just to be safe I set up my DVR to record the show before and the show after cause I definitely don’t want to miss it and I encourage you to do the same!

Sabres/Devils Game
I know there are a ton of you making the trek back into the swamp tomorrow night for the Devils game. If you managed to watch any Sabres away games this year you’ve seen (and heard!) Buffalo fans coming out in force every night and I expect tomorrow to be no different. If you’d like to try to arrange to sit with a bunch of Sabres fans feel free to send me your phone number and I will try to find a spot for everyone to sit together or just listen for the Lets Go Buffalo chants! The arena is usually empty in the 200 level so it should be pretty easy.

If you are going home for the game this weekend have fun! We’ll see everyone else at Calico’s and McFadden’s this weekend for another round of Squish the Fish!