Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Hello all!

Isn’t it funny to think that Santa Claus could come to a Bills game at The Ralph and fir right in with his red and white outfit?

This weekend the Bills take on the Jets in the swamp of New Jersey. Kickoff is at 4:00, but the tailgate kicks off at 10:30am in lot 16C. If you have any questions regarding the tailgate, please email Kevin at kevin@nycbbb.com or check out his last email:

If anybody has a tap we can use, please let Kevin or me know! (I was taught in Buffalo that its “Kevin and I” yet people in my office say that its actually “Kevin and me”‚Ķstrange)

For those of you not heading to the game, c’mon down to McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s! You can even do some shopping before the game which works out for everybody!

Kenny on NFL Films
Be sure to turn in to see Kenny on ESPN Monday morning at 3:30am as well as Tues at 1:30pm. I have my Tivo set!

See everybody in 16C!


Matt “Talkin’ proud and loving this 19 degree weather!” Kabel