HUGE Game on Sunday!

Hello all 1,500+ NYC Bills Fans!

The Bills just kicked the crap out of the “Superbowl Bound, Most Improved NFL Team, Joey Harrington is the next Dan Marino led” Miami Dolphin 21-0!!! This puts the Bills at 7-7 and with the Jaguars loss today, in playoff contention for the final AFC wildcard spot!

Its been humilating for me and other diehard Bills fans like me to see a playoff contending team in Buffalo not selling its games out. The 2006 Buffalo Bills are not only a playoff contender, they’re an exciting and explosive team to watch!

I spoke to a ton of you during and after the game today, which I’m proud to say that you couldn’t find a seat at either Calico Jack’s or McFadden’s. Almost eveyrbody is heading to Buffalo for Christmas next weekend. With a ton of seats available for the Titans vs Bills matchup at 1pm on Sunday, there’s no reason you guys can’t go to the game. Heck, get your family to go as well! If the Bills win out the season and go 9-7 there’s a chance they can get into the playoffs! The next step is Sunday when the Bills take on Vince Young and the Titants. Travis Henry makes his return to Buffalo (keep your 15 year old daughters at home) and who can forget the Music City Miracle. Every game is revenge!

We have an awesome contact at the Bills named Chris Costanzo who will hook you up with the best seats available and likely give ya some sort of discount! Give him a call and let’s pack that stadium for this huge game! His phone number is (716)312-8912 and his email is Is there a better way to spend an early Christmas Eve????

I’ll be holding down the fort on 42nd and 2nd while Kevin Smith takes my place with our tickets at the game, so I expect to see those of you here in NYC for the Holidays at the game!

We’ll talk to you later this week, what an awesome win!!


Matt “We got a shot at the postseason!” Kabel