McFadden’s in Buffalo News!

Hello all NYC Bills Backers!

Just a quick email…

Bills Backers/McFadden’s in Buffalo News
Various Bills Backers around the nation were mentioned in a great article that appeared in the Buffalo News this morning, including NYCBBB!

Game Preview
I’d like to introduce Nick Flickinger as NYCBBB’s newest staff member. Nick has been a member since 2002 and attends high school in NYC. He’ll be writing game previews as well as looking to start a NYCBBB Young Backer Group for all those under 21ers out there. Here is his first column:

As all of you know, we get big crowds at the bars and some fans would rather have a quieter atmosphere to watch the games in. If watching Bills games with hundreds of your fellow fans is something you’re not comfortable with, then we recommend heading to satellite clubs in Queens and Hoboken. It looks like a member wants to get one started in Brooklyn as well on our message board. Please check out the message board for other locations.

See you all on Sunday!

—Matt “talkin proud and fired up to SQUISH THE FISH” Kabel