New Time for Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Hello all!

What a GREAT game! I feel bad for those of you that missed the Bills spank the Jaguars. This team has become fun to watch again for the first time in years! The Bills are (gasp) back in the playoff hunt as they take on the San Diego Chargers this Sunday at 1pm. Because of the Bills sudden 5-6 record, we’re expecting a big crowd. Be sure to make reservations at Calicos if you want to guarantee yourself a seat. You can call starting Tuesday at noon, 212-557-4300.

Bills at Jets
The league announced today that the Bills @ Jets game on December 10th has been moved from 1pm to 4:15pm. Could it be that the league recognizes that this game could have playoff implications? Kevin Smith will send out tailgating plans soon.


Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up to have the Bills in playoff contention in December!” Kabel