What Can I Say?


You would think that from being a Bills fan for so long, I’d be immune to the suffering from the rollercoaster of emotions the team puts me though. I’m sure a ton of you feel the same way. I thought Detroit would be the true test to see how they rebound from the devastating loss to the Bears–and I thought they would prevail. Well they failed, and once again I felt like my emotions were used as a punching bag. But it’s Thursday now and you know what!?! This week’s game will be the NEW true test to see if the team can overcome a devastating loss to the Bears followed by a miserable dud against an 0-5 Lions team. I’m confident… wait…, no, not again… I don’t know, what can I say? Ok, I’m being melodramatic.

I’m exhausted from writing that. Let me leave the writing to the pros.

Like Nick, who breaks down week 7 in his latest column:

And Phil, who explains why we shouldn’t throw in the towel:

After a loss, I’m usually “Richardsonian” from Monday-Thursday and then maybe a little bit “Churchillian” by Friday and Saturday. Sundays I’m usually Levyian (I made that one up!), although like Thurman Thomas, I need a dictionary.

Was this a disturbing rant? Sorry, but I feel a little better now that I got all of that off my chest.

Remember, there will be beer at Little Buffalo!!!

— Matt Soreco