Buffalo Bills 2007 Season

Hello all 1,689 NYC Buffalo Bills fans!

What’s that noise? Ahh….it’s the sound of helmets and pads clashing on the gridiron at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. The Buffalo Bills have been in training camp for just over a week, which means the start of the 2007 season is upon us. Will JP Losman have his breakout year? Will Marshawn Lynch be the next coming of Thurman Thomas? Will the offensive line be tops in the league after the team dropped over $70 million on free agents? Will the defense be able to stop the run?

In the coming weeks, the answers to these questions and more will be answered, and the best place to discover these answers is with NYCBBB! We kick off our 6th year on September 9th, returning to McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s on 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. We’ll be keeping things basically identical to last year at the bars which we feel worked out well with McFadden’s being the rowdier bar, and Calicos being as much fun but more laid back. Both bars will be offering the same special as last year which can be found here:

We will let you know if any preseason games will be shown. Also, please forward this email on to any other Bills fans you know in the Tri-State region. We will also send out what other Bills Backers there are in the region in case you can’t always make it into Manhattan.

Thanks to those of you that have recently emailed us asking if we were still doing NYCBBB this year, those of us that run the group have been swamped and haven’t had a chance to send out as much off-season correspondence as in the past. I guess our age has caught up to some of us and family/homes/careers don’t allow us be as involved as we were in the past. But don’t worry, we’ll keep marching NYCBBB on until hell freezes over, or Michael Vick becomes PETA’s Man of the Year! And yes, those emails make us feel terrible! Ha! I’ll actually be moving up to Fishkill, NY in November, so any of you that live up there should shoot me an email and we’ll take the train in together on Sundays!

So for all you fellow insane Bills fans out there in NYC, enjoy your last few weeks of summer, it’s going to be one hell of a fall!!! We’ll have more details as we get closer to kickoff!

Thurman Thomas
Make sure you turn on NFL Network at 6pm this Saturday to catch Thurman Thomas being enshrined into the Hall of Fame. Marv Levy will also be speaking on Thomas’ behalf.

Bills Daily
Be sure to check out www.billsdaily.com for all the latest Bills news.

Hope everybody is enjoying their summer, see you soon!

Matt “Talkin proud and fired up to get this season started!” Kabel